Plant List

The tools that help us create our wonderful printed media…

We are constantly evaluating, reviewing and expanding our plant list, here is a detailing of our current in-house tools:

  • Agfa Palladio II fully automated B2 Computer-to-plate System
  • Konica Minolta BizHub Press C1070 SRA3 Digital Press
  • B3 Heidelberg Printmaster
    5 colour automated press
  • SRA3 2 colour Heidelberg
    5 colour Printmaster
  • Heidelberg Guillotine
  • Heidelberg Stahl Folders
  • Saddle stitching
  • Collate, stitch and Trim Booklet making machine
  • Perforating and numbering equipment
  • Die embossing
  • Hole drilling machines
  • Wiro and comb binding equipment